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MRC Lodge and Cabins LIFE

Generosity Going Viral!
MRC Lodge and Cabins Needs Your Support  

During this pandemic MRC Lodge and Cabins too needs to deal with the unexpected and cope with lost revenues. Today we are asking for your generosity. 
With the Generosity Multiplier from our kind supporter,  your help will go viral!  

“Since the start of Covid-19 shut down in BC, I have been genuinely concerned of MRC Lodge and Cabins financial situation. When the Province eased up the lock down, I was happy that the centre could finally open for business. However, reading the newsletter and speaking with the General Manager, I realized that MRC Lodge and Cabins will only reopen at half capacity to ensure safety for staff and guests. To help this precious retreat centre, I am calling on sangha to do whatever you could to help MRC Lodge and Cabins. It has not been easy, but every donation no matter how small, will benefit MRC Lodge and Cabins. I will match every dollar with one of my own up to $15,000, from now to end of July.”     – Our Kind Supporter  

Work the magic of the Generosity Multiplier where your donation will double: $20 = $40, $50 = $100, $100 = $200, $1000 = $2000

Act Now because Multiplier available only until end of July!  

Click here to donate    

Thank you! We rejoice in your merit!  

 Reminder: MRC Work Party 6/29-7/10

It’s not too late to sign up for coming to the MRC Lodge and Cabins work party. Join the team on painting and repairs. Free room and board during your stay. Even if you could not make those dates but want to help, write Yves Rémillard, our General Manager, at  

MRC LIFE will come to you every 4-6 weeks.

MRC Lodge and Cabins, located in Parson, BC is publishing a newsletter titled “MRC Life” every 4 to 6 weeks. To subscribe, write at

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